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Trash Removal in the Red Boiling Springs Area

Let the team at TDS Disposal help you with waste disposal in your home, office building, or industrial property in the Red Boiling Springs area. We provide services for all clients and have the experience needed to serve you well. Review our various offerings below and contact our office to set up a new account with us today. If you have any questions about the information here, feel free to reach out to our staff for assistance. We're here to help you get what you need! 

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Residential Services

TDS Disposal will solve your residential trash removal needs by providing your home with an easy-to-use trash container and regular, scheduled pick-up at a very affordable price! Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs.

Rate information:

  • $25.00 per month 

  • Initial set-up fee: minimum $75.00

Annual Residential payments: $300.00 

Bi-Annual (6 months): $150.00

Please contact us to set up a new service.

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Commercial Services

TDS Disposal specializes in waste removal services for commercial enterprises, such as stores, shops, restaurants, hotels, wineries, and more.

Rate information:

  • Prices Depend on the Volume 

TDS offers a large variety of containers & services. Please contact us for quotes.

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Industrial Services

TDS Disposal will help you with all of your industrial waste management needs. We will provide dumpsters, compactors, roll-off containers, and recycling services.

In addition to normal industrial waste, we accept and haul 'special waste' allowed in Class 1 landfills. This includes non-hazardous waste, contaminated dirt, etc. We will pick it up, or you may bring special waste to our facility.


We have 30 cubic-yard roll-offs available.
These containers are perfect for demolition and remodeling.

Self-Contained Roll-Off Compactors 

A sensible waste-management solution for a factory, large store, or distribution center.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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